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About Us

Photo of our teamChiropractor Dr Katelyn Boucher joined the Charlestown community in 2016. She enjoys being a part of our beautiful area and providing natural chiropractic care to all ages, from newborn babies to seniors.

The Charlestown Chiropractic Mission

We’re here to enable families to heal and restore their wellbeing so they can live and function optimally. In turn, each person can have the best possible life and do the things they love, not feeling held back by the limitations of their body. Its our goal to make a positive effect on generations to come.

What We Do

As a chiropractor, Dr Katelyn removes interference to the nervous system. Your spine is the armor that protects this vital system, and by adjusting it, we can facilitate changes in the body.

Your care always begins with thorough testing to determine the body’s current state, your ability to heal and what it will take to get you to a place of better health.

Who We See

We’re passionate about providing care for entire families, as well as people under stress who are finding their day-to-day life challenging to manage. If you’d like to improve your performance at work, in a sport or in your everyday living, we’re here to discover whether we can assist you.

Want to Learn More?

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