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Spinal Energetics at Charlestown Chiropractic

doctoradjusting patient backSpinal Energetics is a powerful modality that unlocks stress, trauma and tension from your body. It acts as a gateway to move past limiting beliefs that no longer serve you or to let go of past hurt, including generational patterning or trauma (whether you may be consciously aware of these or not).

Through touch, and sometimes no touch, Dr Katelyn facilitates the unwinding and releasing of tension from your body. This can be associated with movement, changes in breath, and the feeling of different sensations or emotions moving through your body. Generally, the more receptive and open you become through the process of releasing stored tension from your body over time, the more you can bring connection, calm and ease into your body and life, and ultimately live more in alignment with your true self.

Depending on the energetic layer being released, you may experience a sense of happiness, joy, bliss, or relaxation. Alternatively, you may shake and tremble if releasing pain and trauma. Dr Katelyn facilitates these shifts by working through energetic layers in your being, including physical, emotional, and mental layers.

Benefits of Spinal Energetics

  • Emotional & mental breakthroughs
  • Calming effects on your overall state of mind and body
  • Deeper awareness of the body and mind
  • Completion of trauma cycles
  • Experiencing more peace and harmony within yourself
  • Peeling away the layers of conditioned mental, emotional, social and cultural limitations.
  • Remembrance of your true self and purpose
  • Deep rewiring and heart-brain coherence
  • Relief of stress and physical tension
  • Awakened intuition
  • Releasing limiting beliefs
  • Emotional release and overcoming traumatic experiences

What to Expect

Each person’s response and experience is unique to them. Some people may experience a little bit of movement through their body during their sessions, others may move a lot. It is important to note that the amount of movement does not directly correlate to the amount of depth or benefit a person may receive during a session, as we all have different expressions.

Sessions typically need to be done close together to begin with (weekly or fortnightly) to peel back “blocks” and resistance stored in the body and to open and expand your being. Each session has the potential to be different every time as we progress and work through different layers of stored tension.

One on one Spinal Energetics Appointment BOOKS CLOSED

Dr Katelyn has closed her books for Spinal Energetics for one on one appointments as she is at capacity. However, should you like to be notified to experience Spinal Energetics through group sessions or events, please fill out the Waitlist form on the Events Page.


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