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We are still here to take care of you.

I’m sure like a lot of you, we have been paying attention to updates released around Covid-19. 

We are still open at this point in time. My aim and vision will be to remain open in an safe manner and take care of people whom still want chiropractic care. The government deems us an “essential service” in healthcare as we have the potential to reduce medical/ hospital load. Therefore, unless we are told and governed otherwise, we will remain in service and stay open.

I will continue to send updates in regards to the practice (Email/Facebook). I appreciate that things are changing day by day. 

Please note:

  • We do have hand sanitiser at the front desk, we encourage you to use it.
  • You are welcome to bring your own pen should you need to sign for health claiming.
  • We have removed the children’s toys and magazines as precaution.
  • As of tomorrow, there will be more space between waiting room chairs (we are lucky we have a big waiting room!)
  • We will be sanitising the table between people.
  • We are working out of two rooms to have more space and sanitise between people efficiently.

We are here for you at this time. Stay safe and stay healthy.

Yours in Health,

Dr Katelyn Boucher

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