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I pop/click my neck or my back, is that okay?

For those that ‘click’ or ‘pop’ their neck or other parts of their spine. This is a visual below of what’s really happening in the process. When that ‘click’ or ‘pop’ happens when you try and force it, it’s creating movement or release in the joint above or below the area that actually needs the movement or release. This is the reason why about 20-30 minutes later you feel the need to do it again. Because the area of issue has not been cleared out, doing this again and again over time can create instability in those joints. A chiropractic adjustment specifically clears out misalignments or restrictions in the spine.

We see many people in the practice when they first come in, and they mention this to us. They notice over time with chiropractic care as their mobility improves and their body works better, they don’t feel the need to “pop” or “click” the area/s of concern.

The key here is to be aware if you are clicking or popping any areas of your spine. You may share this with someone you know who does this, as often people do not know why this happens and because they have been doing it for a while it becomes an unconscious habit. You have to be aware of something in order to change it.

The body is pretty brilliant, it may let you know that you have lost movement and function through areas of your spine by prompting you to make you feel like you need to “pop” or “click” those areas. But to get to the core of the problem, that’s where Chiropractic comes in.

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